Supply Lab Men’s Footwear and luxury accessories
Wanted to take a minute and thank everyone for the support on this new venture, which began in June of 2016. My vision is to collide both the contemporary world with classics by introducing Supply Lab. I’ll be starting in Men’s Footwear and luxury accessories, but plan on growing and expanding with all of you. Anxious for the feedback to better help #supply you with the best of the best. Please check out the site monthly, as I will be updating quite often and I’ll be introducing new projects as time goes on. Supply Lab is designed to be straightforward and bold in design while executing quality by using the best factories and the finest materials from all over the world. My expertise stems from 15 years of experience in the fashion industry, by procuring relationships and utilizing resources to help provide a quality product at a value.
I hope you enjoy the collection, the vision, and the heart that is behind Supply Lab.
Looking forward to building my vision with all of you!
Tara Bodt, Supply Lab